The City Dreaming project was conceived as Zagreb Dreaming for the Zagreb, I Love you! festival in September 2014 honoring the artist Tomislav Gotovac, held in the city of Zagreb, Croatia and organized by Emil Matesic and the Kulturno Informativni Centar.  The performance was designed to explore the transformation of an unfamiliar urban space into an intimate space.  It began at about 11 am with a walk in a bathrobe and indoor slippers along a busy main street.  She walked about as if she was still half asleep, sipping hot milk in a white mug, sometimes looking at shop windows and wandering in a random pattern, until she got to her bed, set in the middle of the intersection of Preradovićeva and Tesla Streets.  She sat on the bed for a while sipping the milk, and then she took off the robe and got into bed to sleep.   The sleeping was to last until 7 pm, but it was shut down by the authorities only after about an hour.  The festival had been sponsored by the city, however, licensing issues on public nudity involved had not been fully resolved.  

One year after the Zagreb event, Miru was invited to the city of Biel/Bienne in Switzerland to perform the same concept, but with full permission from the government, as a part of the Body and Freedom Festival.  She slept in public for about 6 hours each day for the two days of the festival.  The guards were told to be discreet and not to disturb public engagement unless it went to the point of a serious security threat to the artist.  There was a variety of responses from the public.  Some were not aware of the piece being an art performance, and some, who were aware, stood in waiting for something to happen.  Some sat on the bed and took selfies, and some lay down.  Many spectators returned during the day to see if something had happened, only to find the artist still sleeping, covered.  Any slight movement of the sleeping figure became a great entertainment or surprise to the spectators.
For more information on the festival please visit their website.